Gafchromic HD-V2

GAFCHROMIC HD-V2 is a radiochromic dosimetry film designed for the quantitative measurement of absorbed dose of high-energy photons. As a self-developing film, HD-V2 is a perfect fit for the processorless environment. Since radiochromic film requires no post-exposure processing, there are no chemicals to dispose of and the film can be handled and used without need of a darkroom.


Product Sheet

Product Description

Key technical features of GAFCHROMIC H-VD2 include:

  • Dynamic Dose range: 10 Gy to 1000 Gy
  • Develops in real time without post-exposure treatment;
  • Energy-dependence: minimal response difference from 100keV into the MV range;
  • Near tissue equivalent;
  • High spatial resolution – can resolve features to at least 5μm;

New Features:

  • Proprietary new technology incorporating a marker dye in active layer: 
  •      - Decreases UV/light sensitivity;
  •      - Enables non-unformity correction by using multichannel dosimetry


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